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📜 There was a king and he once said to the court sages: “I have a ring with one of the finest diamonds in the world and I want to inscribe a message under the stone that can be useful in a situation of extreme despair. I will give this ring to my heirs and I want it to serve faithfully. Think of what kind of message will serve this purpose. It must be very short to fit in the ring.”

May 10, 2020

Khing, the master carver, made a bell stand of precious wood. When it was finished, all who saw it were astounded. They said it must be the work of spirits.

The prince of Lu said to the master carver: “What is your secret?” Khing replied:

May 05, 2020

The Fish & Water

When I ask people How do we Make Money? they sometimes feel puzzled, feel as if I was asking some trick question or a stupid question. Some proceed to answer like “we can make money by working and earning salary, by doing a business, through stock market,…” And then when I say, “but these are all ways of getting money that’s already made!”, they are a little puzzled. I ask “Do we know the process of actually making money, in the sense of creating it, like making a painting, cooking a dish, or growing mangos?” this often leads to some exploration of the origins of money that take us towards barter system etc.

Apr 02, 2020

The first principle of Permaculture as put forward by David Holmgren is Observe & Interact. For a long time I have been puzzled by Observation. I have wondered what does it mean to observe! At bahulavana, I tried capturing details of things that I noticed. I made a list of flora, I found out the physical & chemical profiles of soil, I am making a bird list as well as a list of other fauna. However all these didn’t give me a sense that I was doing observations like many inspiring permaculture gurus who tell stories about how things were, how things changed, and how they participated in the process.

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