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In a previous post, I shared David W. Orr’s writing about Fast & Slow Knowledge. And I wanted to share some more from scholars who opened me to different meanings of knowledge & modes of knowing here.

May 20, 2020

“To me the most interesting thing about man is that he is an animal who practices art and science and, in every known society, practices both together.”

— Jacob Bronowski

May 10, 2020

Khing, the master carver, made a bell stand of precious wood. When it was finished, all who saw it were astounded. They said it must be the work of spirits.

The prince of Lu said to the master carver: “What is your secret?” Khing replied:

Wanting more knowledge is not considered an excess, even by those who despise human excesses in this world. David W. Orr. in the book “The nature of design - Ecology, culture & Human intention” has given us something to ponder in this regard.

Writing that, “The twentieth century is the age of fast knowledge driven by rapid technological change and the rise of the global economy. This has undermined communities, cultures, and religions that once slowed the rate of change and filtered appropriate knowledge from the cacophony of new information." He says - The culture of fast knowledge rests on these assumptions:

May 5, 2020

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