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May 5, 2020

“Carrying out the Great Work of making an ecologically durable and decent society will require us to confront the deeper cultural roots of our problems and grow out of the faith that we can meet the challenge of sustainability without really changing much. The evidence, I think, shows that we will have to change a great deal and mostly in ways that we will come to regard as vastly better than what exists now and certainly better than what is in prospect.”

— David W. Orr

Apr 23, 2020

Blue pea flowers & tea

As I am running out of my green, white and oolang teas during the covid19 lockdown, I am changing my tea habits. I am diversifying my teas by adding local flowers & herbs. So an interesting addition to my teas comes in the form of Blue pea. These beautiful blue flowers from my garden, make a nice cup of blue tea. It really tasted nice with some fresh mint.

Apr 23 2020

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