Quotes 59 - Being Open

Openness can sometimes wound us, break us, and we may have to heal & reform. But, being open does not mean to have no boundaries at all. Open and close have any meaning only when there are boundaries.

— rawjeev

Quotes 57 - New Technology

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.
— Stewart Brand

Any new religion…

Two things however are clear about any religion that might derive from cybernetics and systems theory, ecology and natural history. First, that in the asking of questions, there will be no limit to our hubris; and second, that there shall always be humility in our acceptance of answers. In these two characteristics we shall be in sharp contrast with most of the religions of the world. They show little humility in their espousal of answers but great fear about what questions they will ask.

— Gregory Bateson (Angels Fear)

On Entertainment & Art


I just pulled out two snippets of conversation between Gregory Bateson and Mary Catherine Bateson from the book Angels Fear. The main topic of their conversation is addiction but their speak about entertainment is the highlight for me, in this time of the pandemic. Confined to our homes, surrounded by gadgets, equipped with high bandwidth connections, besides bad news, we are having to deal with endless streams of information & entertainment through various channels and in various forms.

Sorry if the conversation snippets seem disconnected or even severed. I found these quite meaningful and worthy of sharing. I recommend reading this book but, be warned - Its not entertaining.